Welcome to a center for information on the Kiss of Death chapter of Romance Writers of America's Mystery/Romantic Suspense category. Recently, the domain was moved. If you want access to the most up-to-date information, please head over to the new website by clicking on the link below.

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About the Organization

The RWA Kiss of Death is an group for romantic writers in America. As it currently stands, you can join the chapter organization at any time. However, you must first already be a pre-existing member of "Romand Writers of America." In order to be a member of RWA, you much create an account, sign in, and follow the instructions that they provide under "myRWA."

Why Join?

What People Say


"Being a romance writer myself, I've always admired the RWA. Since finding their Facebook page, I am in awe of the amazing interaction of the RWA team!"


"This has been a great resource to find new and exciting books and authors. I don't know what I'd do with my free time without it. Please check out their content!"


"A wonderful source of community in addition to a vast amount of resources. Invaluable for romance writers at all levels. I love this organization."


What makes this chapter special and different from others? Expertise. This is the only location where the romantic suspense and mystery genres are combined. Additionally, you'll receive a lot of encouragement from our many members who are on similar journeys as you are as a professional romance writer.

Who Are New Members?

Members come from a variety of socioeconomic and geographic origins. Others are just starting their writing careers, while some are widely published in romantic suspense or other genres. They each bring a variety of experience, wisdom, and viewpoints to our group, which we value.

Partake in Leadership.

Board members are appointed for one year. Every fall, a general election is conducted. General members may choose to participate in online meetings when board decisions are decided. If you're already a member, why not take the initiative to lead and see how far you grow.

Get Ahead!

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